bexio is Swiss fintech startup, a cloud based business software for small businesses, formerly called EasySYS. Due to German pronunciation, EasySYS ended up being too similar of a name to ISIS so the company decided to rename and rebrand.


  • Create a professional and fresh corporate identity

  • Maintain a balance between being a serious software and a startup

  • Must appeal to all age groups, from older businesses to newer startups

  • Maintain a visual connection to Switzerland and the Swiss startup scene

  • Convey an easy-to-use feeling of the software for potential clients


As one of two design leads, I created a complete rebrand for bexio. I created the bexio logo mark and I chose the specific green color, a Swiss green to represent the company's roots in Switzerland. I worked on selecting the brand's typefaces and did all the art direction for the corporate photography. I also worked with the UX designers on bexio's website.



  • Huge client growth, from 2,500 businesses to over 8,000

  • Overall visual branding and message unification across all channels

  • Second financing round of 7.5 million Swiss francs secured

  • Revenue growth

  • Internal company growth and talent acquisition, almost double in size since the rebranding

  • In September 2016, bexio was awarded the "Top 100 Startup" award as the #1 software start-up in Switzerland


After the new identity was created and deployed, I became the sole owner and go-to person for its management, implementing it for advertising, presentations, social media, microsites and blog posts, just to name a few examples.