MTV Mobile

MTV Mobile is a european brand owned by Viacom. They specifically target millennials with offers for everyone under 30: hardware, mobile network, Internet and digital TV. They desperately needed a website redesign to better target their demographic and showcase their expanded range of products and services.


  • Completely revamp the current website

  • Everything except the logo should be redesigned

  • Must appeal to all genders under 30

  • Lighter, fresher, brighter overall site feel

  • Incorporate the MTV Mobile brand colors prominently into the new site

  • New site should be both browser and mobile compatible

  • Work with current photography story because new photos will not be shot


After speaking with the client and seeing the former site, I knew the redesign had to go in a completely different direction. I decided to create a clean, mostly white site to better display their products (since many of their product photos were shot elsewhere, displaying them on a white background is more practical and cost effective since its the standard practice in the tech/phone industry) with pops of their brand colors to tie everything together and bring in the fun element. Also, a different brand color became the predominant color for each navigation point to create organization while still maintaining cohesion. All elements of the new site (layouts, navigations, buttons, icons, etc.) except the logo and the photos were created by me.


  • Large decrease in bounce rates within the first month of launch

  • Less customer service expense since the new website was now more organized and informative

  • Boost in product sales, especially through the new site

  • Revenue growth

  • Thrilled client who started coming back for other projects, such as ad campaigns