discountlens is an international online contact lens company whose founder is responsible for the invention of the soft contact lens and the colored contact lens.


discountlens was first launched in 2004. After over a decade of successful operation they needed a brand refresh.



  • Create a professional, knowledgeable and fresh corporate identity

  • Maintain a balance between being affordable while embracing its high class founder and history

  • New logo must appeal to all age groups

  • "by Urbach Optik" must be part of the logo and work well with the main discountlens typography

  • Use a similar color story to the old logo


After the initial meeting with the client I was able to ask the right questions and get a great idea of what was needed. The very first redesigned logo presented was approved.



  • Even more company growth led to expansion into even more European markets

  • Stronger brand awareness and increased advertising revenue

  • Established brand consistency across digital and print advertising in several countries