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INDIE Digital was a boutique digital advertising firm in Zurich. When publicité de ville decided to change its name to INDIE Digital I was tasked with creating their brand new visual identity.


Visual Identity including: logo creation, typeface choice, color palette, business cards, and website design

The new logo was created with regard for the new agency wanting to emphasize its proficiency and expertise in digital rather than classical advertising. The inspiration for the characters spelling out INDIE came from buttons on digital devices, such as play and stop.

I also created visual stories out of the logo to demonstrate the diversity of the work tackled by INDIE Digital, and to create the possibility for various applications of the geometric logo itself.


  • Client acquisition tripled in the first six months after the rebrand

  • Current clients increased their billings

  • INDIE was able to land large clients marketing to a younger demographic, such MTV Mobile and Swiss Music Awards

  • New talent was hired from around the world to meet the demands of the agency

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