Math Men Ad Campaign

MediaMath is a global technology company that is leading the movement to revolutionize traditional marketing and drive transformative results for marketers. I joined MediaMath when it was still a start up. The company was looking to run an ad campaign, one of it's very first, to create awareness for the brand and memorability.

At that time, Mad Men was a hit show on television. We saw the similarities of how the Mad Men revolutionized advertising in their day and what MediaMath was trying to do now we decided to create a "Math Men." The idea was to reference a hit show to give consumers a memorable image and to cleverly introduce the concept of MediaMath in a way that could be understood by individuals outside of the Adtech world.



  • Art Direction

  • Entire photo shoot setup and coordination

  • Costume and makeup supervision

  • Post production of the final photo, which involved compositing nine separate photos together to create the final image



  • The campaign launched MediaMath as a leader in the industry

  • Drew attention to the complicated online advertising industry in a fun new way

  • Creation of more publicity and news channels. Several major newspapers and online sites wrote about the campaign and MediaMath

  • Creation of Math Men lecture series, which helped to expose even more people to adtech and MediaMath

  • Exponential company growth