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Prima Ballerina is an online shop selling high end ballet flats


Visual Identiy including: logo creation, typeface choice, color palette and business cards

After trying a more traditional approach playing with the "P" and "B" of the logo I had a different idea.


When thinking of the fun aspect of the brand and the overall customer experience, I envisioned a girl ordering and receiving a pair of bright colored ballerinas in the mail. She puts on the shoes and starts to twirl. The abstract swirling path that her action makes becomes the logo.


The typeface was chosen to complement the abstract logo form and to reflect the youthfulness and vibrancy of the company.


  • The client was overjoyed with this innovative approach saying it was better than she could have ever hoped for

  • The company launched in 2013 and is still going strong

  • The company has expanded to not selling only ballet flat but other types of shoes, as well as accessories

  • The company has been shared and reblogged on dozens of fashion blogs in Switzerland

  • Steady revenue growth rate

  • Expansion into Germany, Austria, France and Italy

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