R. Culturi, a high end accessories company creating artistic scarves, pocket squares and neckties. The designs for their accessories are created by artists from around the world. Their mission is to enhance fashion accessories by combining them with art while exposing now living artists to the world. I worked closely with the founder to realize his vision for his new startup.



  • Create a simple yet elegant corporate identity

  • Final logo must be something that can stand next to high-end fashion labels and measure up

  • Target audience is consumers of both gender with higher budgets, specifically those interested in fashion and art

  • Must be versatile and scalable enough to be easily translated onto clothing tags and packages

  • Since R. Culturi is a new brand, the identity must have enough impact to be memorable


After researching other high-end fashion brands I started playing with typography, trying to find a balance between high-class, elegance and youthfulness for the logo.



  • The company launched in 2015 and is still going strong

  • R. Culturi has been featured in several top fashion magazines consistently

  • Their products have been shared and reblogged on dozens of fashion blogs

  • Steady revenue growth rate